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Yeah...the auction has been "cleaned" up. Maybe it was because I emailed him.
Sorry I was busy in acquiring some 50,000+ rolls of short dated pro films recently and always rely on the very awkward eBay's software for automatic relisting my auctions. Just like David said it is a relisting and the listing was written long time ago. I modified the listing to prevent buyers confusion - I am a frequent APUG visitor when I have time, but sometimes I won't be here for many days. If you have any question the best way to contact me is via my website www.collect888.com.

For that old listing what I wanted to do is to stimulate buyers' urgency. The discontinue of film production is not a rare news in last few months. I was selling Kodak Tech Pan 120 for $4 or $5 per roll a few months ago and now it is selling for $18 per roll on eBay. Someone paid me a few thousand dollars to get a few hundred rolls of Tech Pan 120 because no one else has the film.

Just before the summer there are not a lot of attentions on Agfa's APX 120 films and suddenly last few weeks I saw a surge of sales for my APX 120. By now not a lot of dealers stock this films. I have stocked a lot of b&w films including APX when the rumors floating around. It seems my urgency is paid off now - I have many case of APX 100 and 400 120 films in stock today.

My advice to film users: be alert and have some urgency. When necessary, buy enough of your favorite films and freeze them. You can go with digital any time but it is difficult to keep doing analog when there is no film stock you like.


Now let me waste some key strokes:

mrcallow received from me a non positive feedback a few years ago on eBay and that is why he "have found this seller to be less than ethical".

I am not sure Satinsnow's story but at least he got all his money back. eBay ID satinsnow has a "-1" feedback score - an appropriate way to define a crook.