Such passion!

Did, uh...did anyone else besides me make any photographs today? I decided to indulge my passion in an all-Agfa afternoon: Agfa Isolette V (so-called "Jsolette" model); Agfa APX 400 film; and in a little while I'll soup it in Rodinal.

Because it was an overcast afternoon and I want bristling contrast I'll going for 50% longer than normal development. The entire roll is of the new Fort Worth Modern Art Museum, a marvellous structure, so the contrast will suit the subject.

Say, how much silver is in APX 400 anyway...?

Back to the silver-rich debate...

Has anyone here had an opportunity to try the various films rumored to be silver rich in a wide variety of old style developers? For example, anyone tried their last batch of Super XX in 777?

My point is, perhaps behind the original claims for these films decades ago is more than emulsion. It might be equal parts film, mysterious proprietary developer and a technique known only to initiates to the black arts.

Let's assume the possibility that the answer to the silver rich challenge is akin to Belbo's riddle in "Foucault's Pendulum": Do you have the password?