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Dave Beckerman's also only sells inkjets! Albeit limited edition inkjets.
This is true. But he was totally digital, (he only shot digital for about a year) having sold off all his film gear. About 6 months ago he decided he was not getting the results he liked with digital cameras so went back to film with a Bessa R3 and a combination of Leica and Cossina lenses. So he is slowly coming back to the fold. He has been printing digital exclusively about 1 year. Before that he printed with a Zone VI enlarger.

But regardless of the final product, pixelgraphs or photographs, the guy still sells a lot of work on the net. One reason is he has a large following for his blog and was one of the first people I was aware of that had a blog about photography. Dates back to 1999 I believe. But I really believe that his blog has a lot to do with his selling work.