It has not been an easy thing on my mind.
At first I was extremely enthusiastic and optimistic, but the months passed while I sitted on burning coal and waited and waited...
I had a lot of time to think.

Yes, I don't like this city, but then again, there is not a city in Greece I like. It has to do with them been quite ugly and suffocating and the society been quite behind the times. I don't believe in the "let's all move to the capital" mantra that destroyed many third world countries where the capital sucks all the development and people from the rest of the country.
So, I thought of leaving Greece. I would probably move either to Italy or Spain, as I love the Mediterranean too much.
Its development of the cities I dislike not the place anyway.
I love Crete and Iraklion being a small city isn't that bad. Its easy for one to get out of it.

Now that I have the reply from the funding authority and the ok from the bank to get the money quicker and easier, I decided to give it another chance.
I have already made some contacts for work projects and might even start working professionally while I am still remodelling the darkroom. I have to see how I will pull this off.

If my social and business life becomes better, I will give Greece a few more years. I am starting to get old and soon the society will expect stupid things like getting married and having children, something I am trying to put off as much as I can!

If the work will start forcing me to move to Athens, I will leave Greece before that happens.

Thank you Blansky for your concern and interest.