I've been printing color for a while; I used to prefer printing from slides and then make prings on Ilfochrome paper. After a bit I got tired of printing this way; slide filmis as David points out, not very forgiving and does not have a good tonal range. Neither does Ilfochrome paper, so even when you get a nice slide, you'll still have a lot of work to do to print it! Printing prints from slide film also costs a lot more. A box of 100 sheets of the cheaper Ilfochrome paper costs $100, comparable to B&W, but if you use the good polyester-base paper (which probably every experienced Ilfochrome printer would use, the color's much better and it's archival) then a box will be about $200. A box of 100 sheets of Kodak color-print paper is only about $30!

I now very much prefer using color negatives; slides are just too saturated and don't look good for my imagery (even landscapre photos)- the subtleness of the colors using print film in my mind, creates a much more satisfactory print. If what you want is that classic "wow, look at the color" then I'd go with slide film. If you want to print in color and like more muted colors where the form and composition of the photograph will stand out more, go with print film. Or... if you want to save a lot of money!