Many of us, that have shot slides for year, do it for publications, such as magazines and books, where the extra saturation was a definate benefit, If I was just starting out, I would get a selection of print and a selection of slide film and do some testing and make the choice on what I liked best, every single film on the market in color is optimized for certain types of situations, currently the three slide films I shoot are Velvia, Kodak E100VS and Provia, in that order, when shooting print(not often) I use either Kodak hi def film and often use fuji supreia 200, if your going to have your prints done commercially, most of the newer machines can handle up to about 4-5 stops of incorrect exposure and still produce a good print from neg film, when shooting slides, your limited to about a maximum of 1 stop off to get a decent print and slide, if your going to use slide film to print at home, it can become very expensive, the chemicals and the printing materials are quite a bit more than the color neg materials, so keep that in mind.

As I said, gets some different films and do some testing, this is the only way your going to find out what works for you.