Thanks for your help Peter,

a GX680 is way too expensive for me. Granted, I can deduct it from taxes, but it's just more money than I can put up just like that.

I'm pretty sure I'm going for a Mamiya RB67 Pro S with a couple of lenses, a 127mm and maybe a 180mm. That's more reasonable for me.


- Thom

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I'll throw in my preference for the Fuji GX680 series cameras. I have the mark II version and I prefer it to my 500cm. With the extension rails and extended wide angle bellows I can get REALLY close to the subject and of course it does have movements (insert diparaging comparison to LF here). With the AA battery holder I have all the security I need that I'll be able to shoot wherever I go. It's not hand holdable, but if you are already using a tripod that won't be an issue. Used models and lenses are also a steal right now and the quality of the lenses is superb. I would recommend finding a shop where you can rent a couple of cameras before you buy. Good luck with your decision.