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TimRudman wrote a book on lith printing published by Argentum which tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the subject-check it out.
Tim Rudman's book tells you almost everything you ever wanted to know about lith printing, and it has been a great help in building my anticipation until I got started.
However, there's nothing there about Varycon PE. I also wonder about his negative results with Tetenal (Baryt) VC, as I get good lith effect with warm pinkish-brown highlights.

In a way, this is a continuation of my previous games with highly dilute Gevaert G262 developer: Same results, but deeper blacks...

If anyone wonders, Varycon PE was the cheapest available variable contrast plastic paper when I started out in the darkroom in the mid 1970's. The price was nice, but the results weren't: The highlights were always soft, regardless of filtration. The shadows showed some increase in contrast with the amount of blue, but not enough... Added to this, if there is one silver-rich VC printing paper, this has to be it: Forget about max black! whatever you do, there's still more black to be had. With extremely contrasty negatives, the paper will even show metallic silver in the shadows after normal processing - max black in transmission, but not reflection! It could possibly used for paper negatives, since it has such an unseemingly long scale...
So that is why I have several boxes of this: It was cheap at a time when that was important, but I never used any of my several boxes once I found out that I couldn't figure it out