That naming seems like what I recall seeing for companies switching from the Efke to films labeled as Adox (though all you know with Adox is it's rebranded, since the Adox brand has been purchased, in different countries, by many unrelated firms). I suspect it's the same as Efke films were (which, in turn, were similar to old Adox formulae, by report) -- except that I don't recall ever seeing an ISO 400 film from Efke (perhaps it's a new product).

The seeming custom cutting to order is also something I've associated with Efke in the past, reports being that they'd cut any of their films to any size (from master rolls) at quite a reasonable minimum order. In light of the combination, and the fact that it was the only ISO 25 on the market last I saw, I'd suggest that this is the film we've previously known as Efke.