I have a couple of questions. First, I am new to medium format, and have only developed one roll which was quite contrasty (it was a very very bright day). I am using D-76, 1:1. I have two different types of films, Neopan 400 which I shot at 400, and Agfapan apx 100 where I shot a few at 100 asa and the others I shot at 50 asa. When developing 35mm I was told to decrease the development time by 15-20% for every stop change (from 100asadown to 50 asa). Now I am ready to move onto the medium format films I am unsure what to do. Also, I was reading In The film developing cookbook by Anchell & Troop that when you are developing 120/220 roll film that you should increase the develoment time by 20-30%. Sooooo, do I increase my time by 20-30% if I haven't changed the asa? and then if I have changed the asa (i.e. from 100 to 50) what do I do?