I have just developed my first Pyrocat HD 8x10 neg (PL100). As the SBR was 10 I used a dilution of 1:1:100 @ 22C, 6m30s as per your suggestion above. I do not own a densitometer so I cannot prove what I see BUT the negative looks stunning! It looks easy to print (have not printed it yet) and would probably be interpretable in both Pt/Pd and Azo.

I developed a duplicate negative using TMAX RS 1:15 @ 22C, 13min (a recommendation by John Sexton for up to N-3) but I got zip. Maybe a bit more than zip. The negative was almost clear film. Strange that when held up to the light I could swear that I could see a very faint positive representaion of the negative. Nevertheless, there was nothing in this negative that could even come close to the detail in the Pyrocat HD negative.

Many thanks!