For at least a year I've been mulling over how to come up with a better small darkroom space. Right now I'm using the spare bathroom/laundry room.

The room is large enough for a dedicated darkroom but is so poorly designed as a bathroom that it barely serves that function.

My enlarger sits atop the dryer. My trays sit atop the washer. To get to the sink for rinsing prints, etc., I have to step over an extension cord that powers my HEPA filter and second safelight. I finally moved my radio outside the darkroom door to reduce the tripping hazard to one. Hard to believe I was once a federal OSHA workplace safety inspector - my own workspace probably violates several international treaties.

I wash RC prints in an 11x14 open tray. I don't print larger than 11x14; seldom that large.

My archival print washer for fiber prints is a squarish 5-gallon mop bucket with a recirculating aquarium pump. The bucket, a tray of HCA and a tank of selenium toner sit in the tub for printing sessions.

Things get done but the place is an ergonomic nightmare, all the worse because I have a busted up back, neck and gimpy right leg. So I don't make fiber prints very often. When I do I want to get as many done as possible because it may be weeks before I have another session.

The first changes I'd like to make would be to bring in a solid but lightweight metal cart for my enlarger to get it off the dryer.

Then I'd get a Nova slot processor for my RC sessions. That would be a major help.

And I'd build a sort of tent surround from black plastic shower curtains to protect the work area to some extent during laundry sessions. So much dust is kicked up on wash day that I can't use the space as a darkroom for 24 hours, even with the HEPA filter.

Finally, tho', I'd like a real, dedicated darkroom space, even if it was the size of a phone booth. The only way I can see to accomplish that in our house is to do some interior remodeling, which would be tricky because the original design is so inefficient.

Gripe, mope, groan. I complained because my darkroom is a dump and then I met a man who had no dark at all.