Thank you for those encouraging words. I do have more questions but one in particular caught my interest. Should I be looking for some kind of "stain" or "colour" on the negative? I have to admit that being a novice on pyro I cannot identify anything unusual on the negative in relation to "stain" as discussed in many threads here and elsewhere. The one thing I can say is that it looks like PYROCAT can go much further than just SBR 10 (no other non-pyro developer I have worked with could achieve more than an 8 or 9) and that what you get is very clean highlights and extreme detail in the shadows even in subjects that are far away. I have four negatives that have SBRs of 13 and I will be doing them tonight with PYROCAT (as opposed to uising my "new arrivals" of TFX-2 and Modified POTA, which I thought would serve as my back up - dont think I want to sacrifice negs on them now!).

BTW, the film I used is Efke PL100.