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I've sometimes wondered about this. On odd occasions when I've mentioned the type of paper I use to people, their eyes usually glaze over (in the style of glossy RC paper!). I suspect that it's what's on the paper that sells or doesn't sell it and that the longevity of a photographic image probably depends mostly on correct use of the chemicals, washing, and, most importantly, how and where the finished product is displayed. If someone walks off with one of my prints, I always warn against the dangers of strong sunlight, damp and heat. It's an interesting topic.

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Thanks Steve, I agree with you. I think it's what's on the paper that sells. Very few people who are not photographers, know our craft that well, and frankly don't give a rat's a** about the technical side. I have photos of me as a five year old that were taken with 120 film in an old Brownie camera, and the prints were made on glossy RC paper. Those prints are in mint condition. Because they were properly processed. Those prints are about 45 years old.