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Hmm...I thought that RC paper was a more recent development...that would have it introduced in 1960 is what I hear you saying?

There is another consideration beyond your limited view as it applies only to yourself. Consider this that the Library of Congress and the National Archives will not accept RC prints because they are not considered archival.

So let's say that you set up shop selling cheap RC prints to unsuspecting and uninformed buyers and they think that they have made a great deal until the prints go south. Then the reputation of black and white images as being archival art is going to take a hit.

That means that your customers start saying to their friends "black and white sucks and it isn't worth taking home." Pretty soon the word gets around and it makes no difference if David, Mike, Lee and everyone else who cares about what we do and make our prints on fiber based paper and are processed to archival standards is going to get the benefit of your trying to shortside and cut corners.

Let me give you a premature and preemptive big "THANK YOU"

I am sorry you feel that way. Do you think I am the only one selling prints on RC paper. I care about what I do too. I am offering the customer a reasonalble product at a reasonable price, and there is no deceiving going on here. So climb on down off your high horse.