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Zone VI made 5 pear wood cameras as a test run for a special addition camera. Pear wood at the time was $25 a board foot. When we decided to do a run of more camera the wood could not be found and the wood that was available was in the $50 range. Pear wood is a very stable wood. It has fine grain and is very stable it has been use to make ship sextants. I have a piece from the first run it is 8/4 and 20 inches wide.
When I bought my Zone VI a few years ago the man that sold it to me told me it was one of the pear wood models. How can I find out for sure? The color of the wood is like no other Zone VI I've ever seen - it's much lighter in color that the cherry and mahogany cameras I've seen. It's been nearly impossible to find matching lens boards.