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I went to Wal-Mart today and got a 3 dollar clamp light with a 9 inch refletor and a 65 watt plant light. I got the plant light instead of a regular flood light b/c I've heard that azo is more sensitive to blue light and the plant light has an ever so slight blue tint. The light was clipped to my shower curtian rod about 4 feet above my printing frame. This setup cut my times from 5 minutes down to 10-15 seconds, and I've very pleased with the results. Just wanted to give an update, and mention the use of the plant light. :)
Thanks for sharing your experience with the plant light. Azo is primarily sensitive to light in the near band UV range. It's peak spectral response occurs at 350nm and drops from there to appr. 460 nm. Most of us use reflector floods which have virtually non existant UV outputs and the output from these lamps that is higher then blue is largely wasted. So your plant light is probably much more efficient. The lowest wattage that I have been able to utilize with a reflector flood is 150 watt (Pyrocat HD negatives) and more normally 300 watt (with ABC Pyro negatives).
I have heard that the more current Azo emulsion is of differing contrast then the earlier emulsion which you indicated that you had. I would be interested in learning your experience with newer emulsion and the plant light. I would appreciate it if you would share your experience in that regard when you have have had time to evaluate it.