If you look at Kodak Technical Publication G-10 on AZ0 you will find a spectral sensitivity chart. The direct link is http://www.kodak.com/global/en/profe....44.14.3&lc=en

As Donald pointed out, AZO is very sensitive to light in the near UV and Violet range, from about 350 to 425 nanometers. One could no doubt expose AZO with the same UV lights that we use with alternative processes such as pt/pd but exposing times would be very short, probably too short to be practical with AZO.

The plant light seems like a very good idea because these lights put out some UV light but not nearly so much as the lights we use with alternative processes.

Also, in response to Ed's note about using a sunlamp, it is true that these lamps put out a lot of UV light. However, they appear to have been taken off the market because I have not seen one for sale in years.