Another way to do this is to use a DeVere 504DS enlarger which is specifically made to project digital files onto standard B&W photographic paper.

The image taken with a digital camera would be converted to B&W in Photoshop. It would then be inverted in Photoshop (changed from a positive to negative image); and adjusted (curves applied, histogram adjusted, etc.) as required for best printing through the 504DS.

The enlarger uses an LCD with a light source behind it (just like an LCD computer display, LCD video display, or LCD video projector). Using the digital enlarger, you project the B&W file image onto any standard B&W photo paper and process using the B&W paper developer of your choice then fix, wash, and tone....whatever you want to do as part of your B&W photo processing workflow.

Here are web links you can look at the equipment

So, yes it is totally possible to print a digital camera image onto standard B&W photo paper using a digital enlarger.