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That's too bad. I read someone (Jorge?) posted they had converted a Jobo Expert drum to work with a Beseler base. I thought perhaps the 1500s were the same size. I really like the 1500 tank I have (1510, 1520, 2x1530, 8 1501 reels) and don't feel like buying an entirely new setup, or a big honking processor like a CPA/CPP-2. .

I used the Beseler motor base with the 2800 series tank and later the 3000 series tanks for a number of years. The biggest thing to remember is to level the tank before you start processing. Also some people have built racks that they have set their motor bases into to stop the tanks from walking off the motor base. I used chemical jugs placed at the end of the tank to keep it on the base.

The 1500 series tank is thinner. I'm not sure it will fit into the base. It might but then you will need to slow the base's speed down I would think it would spin the smaller tank rather fast .