For comparison the 1500 tank will fit inside a 2500 tank with room to spare. I think the experts are even bigger.

Somebody a few months ago sold what they called a "Jobo system" [something like that ] on Ebay. It consisted of a 1540 tank. A motorbase. A plastic pipe that fit over the tank. Some sort of tray to hold the chemicals. He wanted a crazy amount for his "system". If you take the tank to someplace like Home Depot and ask for a piece of plastic pipe big enough to fit the tank I think you'd be okay. You'd likely need to use more then just the base tank. Lengthwise you need a piece of pipe no shorter then a five reel tank. I think that would be okay. Plastic pipe is relatively cheap even if they make you buy the full length. If the pipe is a little bigger then the tank you can always stuff some rags in there. You could even use the rest of the pipe to make a sheet film processing tank.

The other thing is just to watch Ebay. Used tanks and reels can go for very little if you're patient.