I decided to test the 2:2:100 dilution on a negative which had an SBR of 9 (the film is still Efke PL100), using a time of 6m30sec. Although the negative was nicely developed, it did not have that extra glow I saw in those negatives which I developed using a dilution of 1:1:100 (SBR of 10, 11 and 13). I tried once more using another negative but still the same result. Not as much punch as the others. Is there any reason why, for this film, I should not standardise on a dilution of 1:1:100? Do you think that some films behave better at dilutions of 1:1:100 for all SBRs (e.g from 7 to 13) than others? Does your forthcoming address the issue (if there is one) of matching films to PYROCAT HD dilutions?

I have another set of negatives which I shall develop at 1:1:100 to see if returning to this dilution brings back the "punchiness".