Hi, All

Nicole's recent thread on choosing color film is just up my alley, as I've been looking for a good color neg for those high contrast situations, mostly landscapes. I usually shoot velvia in 6x6, and have been very pleased w the results. On my most recent trip I also took along some 35mm equipment w 400asa color and b&w. I used superia extra 400, and was very pleased w the color rendition and general look of the film. I've only just got the prints back, so at 4x6 it's hard to comment on grain and res, but they look great as far as they go. I used 120 color neg on my previous trip, sometimes for the same scene as velvia, and the results were very washed out color, even compared to the 35mm I just did. The films used then were kodak nc 400&160, and I've also used their fuji equivalent.
I also really like the look of michael Seewald's work in color (he has a website under his name), and he works exclusively w color neg and usually a polarizer. He also prints it himself up to 16x20, which brings up the fly in he ointment, as far as I can tell: most of us are printing digitally from color neg or pos, and it seems a lot of control is happening at that stage, be it noritsu or drum scanner. So I guess I'm wondering whether the printing stage, now out of most photographer's control for color, is really much more important than the kind of film we use. I'm very interested in hearing how each of you has gone about dealing with this question. I'm also on my way to 4x5 (have lenses, film, holders, just waiting for the right sinar) so the question of cost will also be coming into play. Cheers,