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Me too:

1 OM1n
2 OM2n
1 OM10
2 OM4 (one of them Ti).


You guys are not even getting started.

At least one each (black, of course) of all the single digit OMs except the OM 3 Ti. Although I cut back a bit, there are still 25 or so lenses for my OMs.

Another reason to own the OM system is that you can use these lenses with the Olympus e-1/evolt cameras when you cross over to the dark side (digital). Be warned that the Canon full frame digital bunch has discovered they can use these Zuiko lenses with their cameras and some of the OM Zuiko glass has escalated a quite a bit. This is particularly true of the 24mm and 35mm shift lenses, as well as, some of the super wides like the 16mm, 18mm and 21mm. The OM system also has some of the best macro gear going.

No, I don't have a problem. I just need half of the other closet . . . yes, I know I have an entire closet for my photo stuff. Well, it will only be temporary as I'm fixing to sell some of it on ebay. It really does need to not be sitting around like this. No, there isn't room in my closet. You need to learn to share better. Please . . .

Bill Barber