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Andy - first off - very nice, moody night shots! I like them quite a lot (for what its worth).

Secondly - you devil!!! But thanks for the attempt ... at reverse psychology that is!!! Hehehehehe....

Thirdly (is tha even a word?) - The only German glass I own is attached to my Volkswagen - and even that I can't really afford...

And yes - MLU is wonderful, one of the reasons I bought the hidden gem among the Canon FD bodies - the EF - was the MLU. And the 30 second shutter speed built in (can you guess who else does a lot of night time shooting?)

But no - for now I am saving for a new MF SLR and maybe getting a Yashica TLR on the way. I love 35mm - but am fairly well off in the equpment dept there - so I am forcing myself to remain true to the cause I have set for myself. Yes. That's it! My mind's made up! (closes his eyes not to look at the OM pros any more and backs out of thread...)

If you are doing many long exposures on your Canon EF Gnashings remember to carry a spare battery, because Like the Canon A1 I use, the shutter uses an electro- magnate powered by the battery to hold the shutter open, so with long exposures up to 30seconds, or time exposures on B uses a lot of battery power considering most normal shots are taken at 1/125, 1/250, 1/500. I used to do a lot of night photography with my A1 and found that a couple of time exposures of a minuet or more the battery was flat, which was why I bought an FTb that has a mechanical shutter. I don't know if modern electronic shutters are still like this, but the EF is a very fine camera, built like a brick s**t house I'm sure it will give you some great reults.