Thanks guys. I still think there is more I would like to do and continue to update.

Matthew, Thanks for your encouragement, I checked out your site and like very much your garden work and
the missions look like a wealth of possibilities. The 7x17 format is very exciting.

Dave, I remember some comments the first time around about the pop ups, spoke with the web guy and he
indicated that virtually every web browser employs pop up blockers. On my own IE browser the popups are
blocked about 25% of the time, a second click on the image and it pops up every time. I once tried to
download FireFox and could not get all the components to downloaded and finally gave up.

Tim, Not sure what you mean by what happened in Utah. BTW, Utah is the single best state for me so I
can share allot of stories if we're ever around the camp fire.

Thanks again, check back in a month.