From the 1991-1992 Zone VI catalog:

"We found six planks of Swiss pear from old fruit trees in Swiss orchards. It is truly exquisite; a hard smooth pale tan wood exhibiting a slight pinkish cast in some lights. Cameras made from these woods are limited in number, so please inquire as to price and delivery if you would like something very special."

From View Camera magazine,Jan-Feb 2003, article by Richard T. Ritter

"1991 came with the shocking news that Zone VI was sold to Calumet Photographic. It was also the year that we introduced gold-plated hardware. We made about 1800 of these cameras and their serial numbers are in the 3,000 and 4,000 range. The concept of goldplated hardware started with the idea of doing a special run of cameras in honor of the 20th anniversary of Zone VI."

Hope this helps.