Hi I'm new to this forum, so I don't know if this has already been covered. Anyway, because I have always hated darkroom work - two hours under a red light, in a confined space, trying to make that perfect print drives me barmy - I recently invested in a top of the range Minolta Dimage neg and slide scanner. Which I have to say I am very impressed with so far. Then of course I discovered that the prints from my high res images started to look, by comparison with the screen image, decidedly under par on my Epson photo printer. However with a bit of web research, I found that one can buy dye based photo inks and archive fibre based paper to run on the Epson (and many other printers). The ones I'm using just now are Lyson Quad Black inks and their pearl paper, for B&W prints; and I am very impressed. They are as near as dammit darkroom quality, what's more they claim the image life has been tested to 70 years. And with all the tweaking done in Photoshop in advance, getting great prints is now a relatively painless process. I'd be interested in hearing if anyone else has taken this route, and if so what their experiences and tips are. Thanks for your time.

GrahamLG, Nottingham, England