Hey all,

I'm building my Canon FD lens kit. There's some lenses, like the venerable 85mm 1.2 L that are outside my price range for now, so I'll be getting an 85mm 1.8 for now.

Our baby girl will be born in December, though, and I'm looking forward to filling the 35mm frame with little newborn hands, feet, ears and other features that aren't much bigger than a 35mm frame to begin with, so the as-yet-unpurchased 85mm 1.8 won't cut it by itself.

I'd thought about getting an FD extension tube and using it with the 85, but if I'm going back and forth between max close-ups and more conventional distances, I don't need to be moving an extension tube in and out of the mix while trying to keep up with kiddos.

So my thinking was to get the Canon FD 100mm F4 macro. I'm under the impression that it does continuous focusing down to 1:2.

Any opinions on the FD 100m F4 macro, it's applicability for portraiture, and what other lenses might be contenders for the purpose? Adorama has a good price on the Vivitar 90mm 2.5 macro. I realize the Vivitar is more than likely more flawed than the Canon 100m f4 macro, but that extra stop of aperture will give me a brighter viewfinder and make it easier to focus quickly, also a consideration.