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Has anybody else tried this, or anything else cool for pinholes? I think that its amazing that decent (and sometimes absolutely incredible) pictures can be made with such unbelievably primative equipment.

Any ideas?
Yes, when I was studying A level photography. Our lecturer was Justin Quinnell who is pinhole mad. Amazing we all passed the exam really.

Use an alluminium can (easier to pierce than steel) and thin the area with fine wet and dry paper (600 grade is fine) where you want the hole to be. Use a sewing needle in a drilling motion with very little presure. When a bump appears inside your can rub down until a hole appears. About 1/3 mm is what you're aiming for.

The advantage of using a can is that you can use large format film and the film plane is curved giving wacky results. I have also used Cibachrome for colour prints.

Here's a good book 'Adventures with Pinhole and Home-made Cameras' by John Evans ISBN 2-88046-714-4