I have a question in regards to those metal rings etc that help to support the bellows.
I have seen a few 8x10 cameras that have multiple little strips of leather on the top of the bellows that are varying distances from the front standard they are used to pull the bellows toward the front standard when the bellows may interfere with the image area especially when slightly wider lens are used and the bellows is more compressed. Ive experienced on many of my 7x17 negs that sometimes the bellows gets in the way of the image area when I use my 300mm lens.
Im trying to figure out how I would attach the little strips at different distances to the top of the bellows and then Im thinking of using just a small tiny nail and hooking the strips or strip to the front standard to help "pull" the bellows out of interference of the image area.

Thanks, I dont mean to hijack the thread just figured it was related.