My current favorite is a Topcon dual release, presumably designed for their macro bellows system. I removed one of the cables and use it as a single release. Beautifully made thing, silky operation, heavy plunger, well designed for one-hand operation. It has a push-to-lock center plunger and push-to-unlock outer collar rather than the clumsy twisty grubscrew thingy.

I still have and occasionally use a couple of no-name, cheapo types. They fit inside little pouches and pockets of my small camera bags where the Topcon wouldn't fit so well.

But for my nighttime photo forays I now use the Topcon exclusively so I don't have to fumble in the dark.

BTW, I also have a similarly designed Nikon push-on/push-off cable release but it's made for the Nikon F and F2 to fit around the shutter release rather than inside. I don't even have those model Nikons but the release works the same way on my Yashica 635 TLR if I remove the outer knurled collar.

Dunno if Nikon's other cable releases are so well designed and made.