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the Visions part of the workshop opens your eyes beyond anything you have ever seen.
Amazing, wasn't it? Wait until you've worked that way for about a year. You'll realize that you've taken the 'workshop that keeps on working'.

Make sure you force yourself to use Paula's methods behind the camera whenever you're tempted to slide back into the Ansel Adams 'viewing card' mentality. When printing, always force yourself to outflank the print until you've completely cornered it. I wasted a lot of paper by accepting prints which looked ok but which weren't the best possible prints from my negatives. When I forced myself to keep doing them wrong until I'd boxed in the best possible print, I was able to confidently produced exhibition quality work from just about any negative. This in turn had a profound effect upon my vision. This synergism seems to pervade every aspect of M&P's photography.