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As would I. I've heard nothing but good things about this part of their workshop. Someday I hope to experience it first hand.

The vision part of the workshop is something different than anything that I've ever learned in any class. The short explanation that fails to do it justice is that one explores a scene with the ground glass. For me, coming from a film and video background, Paula likened it to using the camera on the tripod like a video camera. Under the darkcloth you "see" what is there. It was remarkable.

This part of the workshop is individual time. I came out from under the darkcloth "lost." By that I mean that I lost track of time and space as we moved the camera and changed the scene. I had to figure out where I was afterward. I had always thought of photography as "capturing an image." What I learned in the workshop was to explore the image regardless of whether you decide to capture it.