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Just getting under the darkcloth with Paula and having her show you the magic is just part of it. you have to learn what to see. I used the Zone VI viewer for ever, but there isn't anything wrong with it it just doesn't give you what is really in the picture, Just the basic form. using the ground glass properly and seeing what M&P see is the whole thing. Technique in the darkroon and developing is a whole different thing you have to do.
DO they work with you on finding your own vision or do they show you how to see their way. I spent time looking at the websites of folks who praise M&P and there are some good images out there but many look like M&P images. DO they show you how to set your images apart and make them your own?

There is no way I will ever be able to afford one of their workshops nor will I be able to afford to go to the conference so I will not be able to experience this phenomenon(sp) for myself.

I am not bashing and hope it did not come across this way. I really want to know how they teach you to see for yourself, through your eyes, to create your own vision. If they wrote a book I would read it. I can afford books, but workshops are things for those much more wealthy than I.