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DO they work with you on finding your own vision or do they show you how to see their way. I spent time looking at the websites of folks who praise M&P and there are some good images out there but many look like M&P images. DO they show you how to set your images apart and make them your own?
If you took a workshop with the expectation of being able to walk away with the secret to your own vision, I suspect you'd be disappointed. Establishing your own vision is a consequence of taking zillions of photographs and critically working your way through all the influences you can identify until you realize what's your own and what isn't. I think the most likely thing in the world is to be imitative of whatever the strongest influence is in a workshop unless you just hate what you were exposed to. AA must have been beyond awsome in that way...20 some years later, scores of photographers are revisiting the same images in the same way ad infinitum.