Well done Sandy. Just printing out a hard copy right now. I have a question concerning two points:

1. In this article you recommed a presoak in distilled water of 5 min. in BTZS tubes. In another you recommended 2 to 3 mins. Any real difference? (BTW, I place the distilled water in the tube caps and then shake it well for about 2 or 3 mins).

2. You recommed the use of a stop bath in the article. How long time should the film stay in the bath? You have also stated elsewhere that 1 minute in water was good enough if the fixer used is TF-4. Is this still the case? (By the way, I put the stop bath in extra BTZS tube caps and agitate slightly for about 30 seconds before I let the film lie in plain water for 1 minute. What do you think?).

Once again, congratulations on a well-written and generously-given article.