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Can you explain that means to you?


Don Bryant

I felt I was doing a good job. Some felt I was doing a great job. But I always felt frustrated at the fact that something was missing ( I have written this many times in my journal). Like many things in life, people on the outside can sometimes see things much more clearly than we can. The same holds true in photography. Anyone can come in and say you should crop it this way or that, BUT WHY! No one gives you that reason. Michael told me that there was something missing in my work and by the time he finished reviewing and explaining, I saw what was bothering me all this time and how to fix it. Like golf and Tiger Woods, many resist his ability to take golf to the next level of play but today all are trying to reach that goal because they know it will only make them better.
Going to the next level for me is seeing better, or being more creative in my visional aspect of photography. Technique wise, I feel that it is something I don't have to push as much. But I feel I am like a horse with blinders sometimes and afraid to open up and swing the camera to new images that haven't been comfortable for me in the past.

I'm not much of a writer so I hope this made some kind of sense to you.
Mike Andersen