[QUOTE=Suzanne Revy]Should we try to meet at this PHSNE show this time? Or move a meeting back to the weekend after thanksgiving, say the 3rd or 4th of December?

Hi Suzanne and All!
I too was thinking that since a number of folks were committed to going to the PHSNE that we might as well meet there, it would be a longer drive for me, carpool anyone?, but I am game if that's what the group decides.

Also, if the concern/conflict is that we are meeting too close to Thanksgiving, then I'd vote to meet the weekend after Thanksgiving, at Valley Photo I presume, that works better for me personally, but again I will defer to what works for the group.

At this point my concern is that we haven't decided, and I have other commitments on hold because I am giving this one my priority, since I really really really want to meet you all!!!

Cheers, Krystyna