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Thanks!!! Unfortunatly I loaned my camera to a friend to take pictures of my wedding with back in May and she lost my manual. But I will look online and see what I can find. I did use the flash a good portion of the time. But I will investigate the shutter speed and see if that's not the problem. Thanks for the help!
Usually, on a 35mm camera, the "mechanical shutter speed" - the highest speed where both the leading and trailing shutter curtains are NOT covering the film frame - threfore, the highest speed suitable for flash - is marked in some way ... by a lightning bolt at that speed, or filled with red coloring. I'm not sure of the N55 - I would guess it would be 1/60 second - but if it has lightweight metal shutter curtains, it could well be 1/125 second.

If this "banding" and black areas are random, and occur without the flash, there would most likely be something amiss in the shutter speed control.
A thought ... have you tried replacing the the batteries in the body? If they are on the brink of their existence, there could be errratic shutter operation.