I think there is not a single point in your post I dont agree with
But... I am also a gear junky - I love photography, but I realize I also love cameras. You know the difference, right? Sometimes, I have no idea what I want to shoot - but I know which camera I want to use... Perhaps thats directly lrelated to my level of accomplishment as a photographer - but ts the way it is.
And if you like the Canonet 28, you will love the QL 17!!! I had no idea what a love affair was aboutto take place when this little camera arrived!
Then again, I love all my cameras and cant part with any of them - I have a Vivitar P&S - one of the plastic, see through, plastic lens red eye makers bought at a drug store... and I cant part with that thing - now imagine how I am about my real cameras!
OK - I have raised nothing new here - it is clear I just cant shut up (at least on this subject)