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However Sandy says you should mix the stock solutions under a hood or outside.
I live in an apartment house - no hood and hard to work outside. Photographer's Formulary
only supplies the powder although they do provide the stock solutions for several other Pyro developers. Why don't they supply Pyrocat in liquid form. Is there some reason for only supplying the powder?
First, thank you for your nice comments about the article.

I can't speak to Formulary's marketing practices since I have no involvement with their distribution of Pyrocat-HD.

As to the other issue, the recommendation to mix the chemicals outside or with a vent hood is made to err on the side of safety. I personally mix indoors with a filtered mask of the type available at hardware store, taking care to keep the chemicals being mixed downwind of any air currents that may be present, and would not hesitate to recommend this procedure for any reasonably prudent and careful person.