I like to view simple sites. I don't like animations (flash etc). I hate unrequested audio so much that I can't describe how much. I dislike being asked about cookies (I almost always say NO) unless I'm on a portion of a site where I'm about to spend money in which case it had better be a secure site. I dislike bright coloured backgrounds and coloured text. If I'm viewing an image I like it to be a full page image, not scrunched into a frame that I have to scroll around. I have no problem with images not being saveable - they don't belong to me anyway. What I like in images is about three steps for viewing size :: 1) thumbnail to get my interest linked to #2) about 650p to 800p wide for a quick view to see whether I want to follow another link to #3) a bigger picture that I know I'll have to scroll to see, but at least I'll want to.

Summary : simple - untuitively navigable - clean appearance - no invasions of privacy.