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I haven't tried replacing the batteries yet. The camera says they batteries are still full with poer but I guess it could be wrong. I look up the shutter speed on the internet and for my camera it says...
I would give (a) new batteries a try. It is also quite important to use the correct, recommended, types. At times, one can "get by" with something equivalent , i.e., a "lithium", in place of a "silver oxide"; but the characteristics of the available energy under load can be significantly dissimilar. Case in point would be the NiCads used in rechargeable flashlights ("torches" to those in Jolly Old). When turning them on when the NiCads are nearly discharged, the lamp will be at first, bright, and quickly dim, unlike ordinary cabon dry cells, which will be uniformly dim at the end of their lives.

Hopefully you can obtain information on the N55 from somemwhere here in Cyber-land. If not ... an old, much more time-consuming trick: visit your local friendly camera dealer - one that carries the Nikon N55. Tell them that a friend has recommended a Nikon N55, and ask to see the camera. Listen intently to the sales pitch, and ask to see the manual. Go directly to the "Flash" section and the "Battery" section... and make mental notes. Purchase not necessary.

I would say that in "Automatic" mode, the N55 *should* set the flash properly.

One other suggestion: I would try cleaning the battery contacts. To do so, use an ordinary, CLEAN pencil eraser. Gingerly, and GENTLY (translation: not much!!) "twirl" it in the battery compartment, and blow out any residue ... that should be abrasive enough to remove ny slight oxidation causing electrical resistance.