This summer I acquired 2 Busch Pressman C cameras. One is a pristine late model camera with quick release lens board. It is also complete with all the original equipment (including a 105 mm Voigtlander Color Skopar in a Compur shutter).

The second camera is an older model in excellent condition EXCEPT FOR THE FACT that the previous owner modified the camera by removing and losing the OEM spring back and ground glass. BTW, the lens is a very clean 101 mm Kodak Ektar.

I received the camera with a Suydam 120 rollfilm back held on by a couple cabinet door fasteners.

I am currently embarked on a project to install a complete 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 Graflex Graflok back on this camera.

I have a complete Graflok back in hand and I have removed enough of the "modified" Busch Pressman back to check the compatibility. Looks like the Graflok back will align with the Pressman and fit without difficulty.

Has anyone out there tried this conversion?

I've seen posts describing backs and adapters for the Pressman that were built from scratch, but haven't found any reference to this particular hack.