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Can anyone offer packaging recommendations to ensure prints remain flat? I have experience in the US with the Postal service and UPS but not globally. I have some ideas but other's experience would be helpful. Postal service vs UPS? Looking forward to sending and receiving prints
I can relate to you the conditions of photos that I received in the last two exchanges. All were packed in a simple envelope, sometimes padded, with the photo secured in a simple cardboard or matboard sandwich. Some had a nylon sleeve for the photo in the cardboard. All made it in pristine condition through the line of chainsmoking gorillas they employ to handle the mail here, except in one instance where the sandwich was made of unequal sized boards that slid around in an oversized loose envelope and didn't cover the photo well. In that instance the gorillas dinged the corner of the photo. All photos were sent to Greece via USPS or via the participant's national post office.