Tom, how did you remove a Century's Graflok? Hacksaw? I've always thought it was integral with the body, as mine seems to be. Did you mean Crown and type Century? Remember, the Century body is molded plastic.

Thanks for describing your Busch. It isn't quite like what I remember mine to be. Mine's back attached to the wooden body with four screws. The plate that held the back of its bellows was set inside the box.

As I said, there's no disputing tastes. One of the reasons I've standardized on Nikons for 35 mm still and on Graphics for 2x3 is that standardization reduces the amount of gear I have to carry to the field. Nikons are ok cameras with an ok range of lenses, but this is true of all of their competitors. Graphics are ok cameras, but so are all of the other 2x3 press cameras. Since Nikon and most of their competitors have a proprietary lens mount, sticking with Nikon (could have been Canon, ... ) saves me from having to carry other brands' bodies to be able to use their lenses. Graphics have their own lens boards, don't match the others. Again, sticking with them saves me from carrying other little wood or metal boxes around ...

By all means do what pleases you and be happy. I'm too lazy, perhaps also weak of back, to follow your example.