Always willing to offer the classrooms where I teach. Large, easily reached from the highway and plenty of parking in scenic Belmont, MA. There are some venues for photography around here, but not many terribly exciting ones that I know off hand. Cambridge is right down the hill, however, and the T into Boston is a very short ways away. Large rooms and some equipment for lighting possible and lecture space aplenty. Perhaps a talk from someone and then a social hour or dinner? If we want to, we can plan something, but I'm a bit tied up at work to do all the planning right now.

The Moveable Feast Camera Club?

The Landau Gallery at the school next month will be hosting a photographer named Joe Schatz, and the work will run mainly to color (d*****l) landscapes. They are beautifully done.

The New England APUGgers Show will be here next September (probably starting in late August) and Papagene has kindly offered to help me curate it (didn't think I registered that, did you Gene?) I've got about 150 running feet of wall space with the possibility of a bit more. We're running ideas around about how the show might be structured. Always open for more. Thematic? Open? Silver only? Self printed only? What-have-you?

As I said in another post, I'll be at a table at at the PHSNE Photographica show in Watertown on the 19th and probably the 20th. If we wanted to meet up there or later I'd be up for it. At least stop by and introduce yourself if you come. I'll have a sign that says "APUG?"