I used to have an Olympus Stylus a.k.a. "Mju" before. It was the 35mm fixed lens type, which I loved especially when taking color photos because the lens was nice and soft. But one day, I dropped it on concrete, and that was the end of the plastic-coated camera. It popped and the lens got stuck.

That doesn't mean the titan-coated T3 can survive in such an accident. But it certainly has survived in hard use.

Also, I've read some reviews on T3, and I'm certain it has weakness. One of the things that seems common but I have not really thought as an issue is the camera's exposure reading, which produces underexposed pictures. However, the way I expect this small compact camera is to allow me to photograph in moments where I normally wouldn't otherwise. And this camera becomes more like my right hand and responds relatively well to that. So, the exposure issue for me is secondary unless it's severe. I think that can be said about a lot of P&S cameras in general.