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Ole says above"Think you could change the recipe to give 1000ml final solution? It would be a lot easier for those of us who put the finished solutions in 1000ml (or 100ml, in my case) bottles. "

That's what I was driving at when I suggested 769g with water to make 1000mL, based on Sandy's figure of 1kg pot carbonate plus 1Litre water to make "approximately" 1.3Liter. If it's hard to get all of the pot carbonate to dissolve (sounds like a possibility) i'd be tempted to make up half strength part B and use 2x as much (as I do with PMK, since I found it impossible to get the full amount of metaborate to dissolve in the required amount of water)

From my perspective there are advantages to expressing the formula for Stock Solution B as it presently is, and there are advantages to doing it the way you suggest. However, if I change the way the formula is expressed at this point in time I will get about 500 email messages over the next six months asking me to explain the discrepancy, and since I answer all my email you can see the problem. However, what you propose makes perfect sense and if it is more convenient for you to mix this way by all means do so.

I don't know how to explain why some people have difficulty in getting 1000g of potassium carbonate to go into solution in 1000ml of water. But I think the secret is to add the carbonate to the water very slowly, with constant stirring. It never takes me more than a couple of minutes to get it all into solution when I add it this way.